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Sangredeamerica is a no-profit, apolitical organization whose objective is the preservation of rural native cultures throughout Latin America and the world. Created in 1992 by the union of a group of Latin American musicians, writers and intellectuals all motivated by the necessity to create the international awareness of the real risk of extinction of indigenous population, the last custodians of nature.Helping them decide for their own future and for themselves constitutes the principle on which is founded.Many think that the solution to the problem of the native populations is their cultural and economic assimilation into the global world; others prefer to think of these people as strange races that live in a terrestrial paradise and not as a complex communities in the process of evolution just like any other community.Does helping them mean marking off their territories, dressing them, teaching them to write, to build cities, or long-distance adoption of their children? Are we sure that having them emulate our society, which is fast heading for self-destruction, is really in their best interest? Wouldn’t be better to let them decide what’s best for them, seeing that their traditional system have protected them unaltered for thousands of years? The importance of preserving dying cultures regard all humanity. When faced with the mores of modern society, traditional people behave like children; they do not comprehend modern life but they possess all they need to understand the reality that surrounds them.Sangredeamerica is not searching for donations or a benevolent status to obtain social and economic acknowledgments based on the support to the cause of the ethnic minorities. This emergent organization diffuses the importance of the immense ethnographic patrimony of rural and natives traditions of the five continents. Entire cultures that continue being sacrificed on the altar of the “God Progress” by capitalist interests, from modern neo-feudalism. A “truth” who comes introduced with artificious from the powerful mass-media to the service of the system; the same lobby that play games with the indigenous, converting them in formats of easy consumption, in order to launch them successively in meal to adventurer travelers with not ethics and also too many tourist agencies that corrupt them till make them become clowns of their self. The availability of this populations are still intact although many suffering. Even if in the 2006 they have been recognized the aboriginal rights in the center of the United Nations, this symbolic action remains a precedence of good intention that still remains on the paper after centuries of slaughters, transculturation, subjugation and expropriation. Over the last ten years some Latin American governments like Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and others approved laws in favor of indigenous communities; this fact is a good example for the other countries of the globe. Stop the obsession for the economic profit that, with deceptive strategies, continues to plunder, to pollute and to take advantage of the rich natural resources presents in the various aboriginal territories of the planet. Our active members in Amazonia, Borneo, Sulawesi Jungle, Tibet, Papua New Guinea, Asia, Africa and Australia wish to know you; they are aboriginal of the rainforests, deserts, mountains and the islands that try to obtain your solidarity to the ideal of ecological preservation, spiritual and cultural safeguard of the last inhabitants of the natural places of Earth. Helps us to realize our international forums and activitiesJOIN US AND MAKE OUR VOICE BECOME STRONGER

The last indigenous cultures

Sangredeamerica promotes the union of all the native peoples of the world. Members and supporters from several walks of life having different ideological, political and religious thoughts, have one common goal: the preservation of traditional cultures. Promoting the struggles of the various indigenous communities, means to appeal to freedom of expression, to find the real information, the truth beyond the mainstream media which have been always subjected to economic interests and to the power of modern "neo-feudalism".Help us to achieve our forums and international activities.JOIN US AND MAKE OUR VOICE BECOME STRONGER


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