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Let’s redeem indios

The cult of technological progress and the actual cruel economic system threaten the survival of indigenous people and campesinos of South America and the rest of the world; they are exploited, murdered, dispossessed of their lands and forced to migrate to the cities. Cancelled their ancient culture and continuing to contaminate their natural environments, the last haven of humanity. Every day the contemporary civilization dealt a blow to the dignity and worth of these people, but the Indio is a wise man, witness to a distant past, a human being who resists a ruthless system of globalization that pushes to the extinction. Traditional cultures know many secrets of existence; the natives are the last guardians of the complex and unique system of plants and animals on the planet RAINFORESTS. Every minute 25 acres of virgin forest disappear. In a few years, native cultures of the earth will turn off the light of their ancient memory because of the violent eruption of what the West likes to call “CIVILIZATION”. Sangre De America promotes the defense and self-determination of indigenous peoples and rural areas, spreads the value of their ancestral traditions which continue to be destroyed by today's exportation progress.Stop the irresponsible and slave transculturation.Please support our international initiatives, join us so that our voice becomes stronger.Sangre De America

Sangre De America

Let's redeem Indios 


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